Friday, September 26, 2014

Eagle Rare 10 Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon

As someone who drank primarily Scotch for a long time, I sought out recommendations as I ventured into bourbons, and this was one of the first recommendations I received.  I couldn't have been more pleased, and I have found that I frequently use this bourbon as my baseline for rating other bourbons. 

The whiskey is bold and has a toasty sweetness at the start, perfectly matching its dark amber color.  But it's not too sweet, and that sweetness then turns to a tangy-ness that I wasn't really expecting.  It really provided that perfect balance I look for in a whiskey.

I hate the term “drinkability.”  It seems to be bandied about all too often when referring to booze in general.  However, this whiskey truly has drinkability.  It has minimal burn and an incredibly smooth finish that leaves you immediately wanting that next sip.

At only $30 a bottle, this may be my new “go-to” bottle, the kind of whiskey I’d like to keep on hand at all times.  It is easily the best I’ve ever had for this price.  Considering how much I like this 10-year, I have to get my hands on the 17-year at some point, though based on the availability of the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection, I may have to wait a while on that.

This is not the best whiskey I've ever tasted, but it's as solid as they come, and has very much served as the standard for me.

Grade: B+

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