Saturday, November 8, 2014

Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Though it may seem odd to do a review of what is very much a staple in the bourbon industry, I nonetheless felt the need to familiarize myself and enjoy a bottle of Buffalo Trace's flagship bourbon.

Going in I knew not to expect something elaborate and complex.  I knew not to expect to be wowed and blown away.  That being said, for what it is, a day-to-day bourbon, probably what some consider a "mixer" bourbon, this is an excellent drink!

Don't get me wrong, it is simple.  It has all the expected flavors of a good bourbon - corn, vanilla, rye, with hints of toffee and wood.  Yet none of them really stood out.  All of these flavors (all good flavors in my book) kind of blended together so that no one flavor particularly stood out or defined the whiskey.  It also came across as relatively weak in flavor, far from the boldness that I prefer in my whiskey.

If someone unfamiliar with bourbons asked me what I would consider to be a typical bourbon, this would be it.  It's not necessarily what I would recommend (I would recommend Eagle Rare 10 Year to any bourbon novice as a great place to start), but certainly it is a baseline whiskey, against which all other comparisons would be made.

I guess it's appropriate that I gave it the grade I did, then.

Grade: C

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