Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wild Turkey 101 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

- $22
- 101 Proof

It seems odd to me to review the "everyday" bourbons that are out there, the ones that are found on the shelves of every grocery store, carry the smaller price tags and which most people have tried. Yet, at the same time, it also feels odd to me to not have reviewed these bourbons (at least to the extent I want this blog to be as comprehensive as possible). So, I figured in trying to deal with this dilemma, I'd error on the side of drinking and writing about more whiskey rather than less.

And so, I picked up a bottle of Wild Turkey 101. The one thing that is consistent with these "standards" is their flavor profile, and this was no exception. As expected, 101 offered the traditional vanilla and toffee notes that one would expect from such a large-production bottling. This one leans a bit more toward the spicy side however, a spiciness that somewhat sneaks up on you.

At 101 proof (as the name implies), there was some burn, but to me it was almost the perfect amount. I tend to favor the higher proofs, and this bourbon provides that higher proof, but at the low end of the high-proof-spectrum, so the burn was not invasive or over-powering.

As I made my way through the bottle, pour-by-pour, I did not notice any real change to the flavor, which remained completely consistent throughout. While I love it when a whiskey opens up, there's something to be said for one that remains consistent in its flavor throughout.

The traditional flavors, with the mildly high proof and the subtle spiciness makes this my go-to choice of the bourbon standards. This is a cheaper, readily available whiskey that I would be happy to sip on any given day. The grade I'm giving it is somewhat subjective one, as it is based somewhat upon how it compares to other standard bottlings (after all, it wouldn't exactly be fair to compare WT101 to George T. Stagg, for example).

Grade: B+

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