Friday, May 27, 2016

Willett Pot Still Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon

- $44
- 94 Proof
- Batch No. 3139

This is another one of those whiskeys that I've been wanting and meaning to grab for a long time, but for one reason or another, I always passed it by. Apparently I'm not the only one, though. When I grabbed it off the shelf at my corner store, I had to wipe off a considerable layer of dust. I hoped this would not be some sort of foreshadowing, some kind of message that there's a reason that much dust was able to collect on the bottle.

However, upon first popping that cork, I knew I was very safe with this one. The nose was a distinct chocolate malt. In fact, I couldn't get over just how prominent the chocolate was on the nose, and I found myself sniffing it frequently.

On the palate, however, the chocolate wasn't as prevalent. As much as I enjoyed the nose, I kind of wished it were. Rather, it had a peppery flavor up front, something I usually find on the back end of bourbons. On the finish that spice was covered up by unsweetened vanilla, reminiscent of vanilla extract, as opposed to, for example, vanilla ice cream.

The finish ended up being what I enjoyed the most with this bourbon, actually, as in addition to the vanilla, there was a brown sugar and cinnamon flavor that came through, almost in succession, like a parade of different, enjoyable flavors, one after the next.

As I made my way to the bulbous bottom of the bottle, the vanilla remained prominent, but I also noticed a nutty, walnut flavor that seemed to complement all the other flavors very well.

Overall, this bourbon is not too bold or complex, and at the same time, it's far from simple. It's full of flavor, but rather than having layers of flavor, you're almost hit with each flavor one at a time. In that sense, I found I didn't have to really go searching for any of the different flavors. It's a very drinkable bourbon, and the layer of dust was clearly not any sort of commentary on the contents within the bottle.

Grade: B+

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