Sunday, October 17, 2021

Buffalo Trace Binny's Small Batch Select Kentucky Straight Bourbon - Batch #29

- $27
- 90 Proof
- Batch #29
- Kentucky

I feel like Buffalo Trace store picks used to be more plentiful.  There were many times where I'd walk into a random store for the first time and, even though the selection may be slim, there would be a Buffalo Trace store pick available, and, of course, that's what I'd grab and bring home.

Recently, though, I don't see these anywhere. And when I do, they're treated like a limited release. They're either limited to one per person or even kept off the shelf altogether. And when they are put out on the shelves, they seem to be cleared out with relative quickness. I don't need to go on about the demand for Buffalo Trace. That's fairly well known among the bourbon company, whether justified or not. I'm more just commenting on the fact that I miss seeing Buffalo Trace store picks, typically a good value and something unique on the shelf, with a bit more regularity. 

As for this particular pick that I grabbed at Binny's a few months back, I was a big fan of the nose. I got a good amount of cinnamon and dark chocolate together, giving it a certain richness I don't typically expect from Buffalo Trace. It also had a graham cracker quality along with some toasted marshmallow notes, giving it a sort of amped up s'mores note.

The flavor, while in that same ballpark, wasn't quite the amped up s'mores I got on the nose. Right away I got chocolate, caramel and peanut. It was a bit like a Snickers in this respect, but with a significant amount of cinnamon spice. There's a brewery near me called Pollyanna, and one of their staples is a milk stout called Fun Size, which is intended to taste a bit like a Snickers. This bourbon reminded me of that beer (which I love, by the way).

The cinnamon spice seemed to push its way in throughout, and while those other dessert-like flavors were present, it was the cinnamon note that seemed to hog the spotlight. Later on I also got a sort of hazelnut note, perhaps what previously came across as peanut. I'm not a huge hazelnut fan, but I could see where others would love this.

The finish was really good, though. That hazelnut note didn't seem to stick around, but rather it was all dark chocolate and cinnamon, bringing me right back to what I first noticed on the nose. It had a rich spiciness that I had only wished lasted a bit longer, as the finish was relatively short-lived.  All in all, though, I thought this was delicious and yet another justification for grabbing Buffalo Trace picks whenever I see them, even though they appear to be becoming more scarce.

Grade: B+

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