Thursday, March 17, 2022

Weller Full Proof Binny's Small Batch Select Batch #3 Kentucky Straight Bourbon

- $60
- 114 Proof
- Batch #3
- Kentucky

The prevalence of private picks of cask strength whiskey is my absolute favorite outcome of the bourbon boom. With Buffalo Trace now offering Stagg Jr. and Weller Full Proof in their private barrel program, and Heaven Hill joining in with Elijah Craig Barrel Proof, and with Wild Turkey and Four Roses having already been part of that high proof barrel picks pool, I've found I have more barrel strength or, at least, high proof bourbon on my shelves than anything else.

So far every single Weller Full Proof I've had I've absolutely loved. I find that interesting, because I'm not the biggest Weller person. I like a bit more spice than sweet, and Weller products certainly lean towards the sweeter side. Perhaps the extra kick of the full proof counters some of that sweetness, or at least adds some extra heat to the mix, giving me more balance.  Whatever it is, I'm a huge fan of this blue label.

The nose on this one was delicious!! It smelled like a bakery, with notes of cinnamon coffee cake. It also had great aromas of brown sugar and allspice. There was even a bit of chocolate and cola. There were also some dark fruits on the nose, like blackberry and something that reminded me of a cabernet.

When I took my first sip, my initial impression was that this was a fairly hot bourbon, both in spice and in alcohol burn. The alcohol burn certainly faded from that initial impression, but the loads of cinnamon that hit me right up front stayed there through the end of the bottle.

It also had a decent amount of yeast or bread notes, kind of like a hearty wheat bread. It didn't have that same coffee cake sweetness that I got off the nose. However, other notes came through to provide that sweetness, as well as a bunch of other delicious flavors. I got that chocolate I got on the nose, though not necessary the cola. There was a rich cherry note, as well as a walnut liqueur note, and by the end of the bottle I was getting a distinct cherry pie flavor, with the pie crust notes. In fact, this cherry pie note was predominant in the last few pours.

The finish was spicy, but more of a black pepper spice than a cinnamon spice. It also had a rich sweetness to the finish, almost like dulce de leche, that creamy caramel that lingers in your mouth forever.  Those cherry notes also came through a bit on the finish to brighten it up a bit.

Not surprisingly, the Weller Full Proof came through for me once again. This was an absolutely delicious pour!

Grade: A-

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