Friday, September 2, 2022

Proof and Wood The Stranger Polish Rye Whiskey

- $65
- 105 Proof
- 7 Years
- Poland/Kentucky

Ever had a whiskey that sounds more like a solo sex act? Well, now I can say I have! There was a lot about this bottle that interested me, including the innuendo in the name, whether intentional or not. I don't have any experience with Polish rye whiskey, so that along had me interested. Throw in that it was aged in ex-bourbon and ex-rye barrels for seven years, and I knew I had to give it a try.

Proof and Wood has been putting out some decent stuff lately, at least what I've had. So, at $65, I knew I wanted to give this one a chance. After all, I haven't met many ryes that I haven't liked. And considering I'm usually just drinking my whiskey by myself on my couch, a whiskey called "The Stranger" just seemed apropos.

The nose was full of rich spice. I got a lot of cinnamon stick, as well as a rich dark chocolate note behind it. I did get a bit of pecan, as well as something pastry-like, perhaps like a pie crust. Interestingly, I also got a decent amount of oak, which carried with it those bitter tannic notes.

The flavor was interesting and certainly different than most ryes I've tried, and yet very enjoyable. I got a very healthy dose of pine and resin up front. It certainly had a bit of an earthy, musty and dusty quality to it. There was even a slight char note that I really enjoyed.

The cinnamon spice was certainly there as well. This was definitely on the spicier end of the spectrum. That cinnamon spice at times seemed to become more of a cloves note, and there was also something a bit more biting, kind of like a ginger note.

There was a rich sweetness behind all of these note, like a molasses flavor. That carried with it a cherry note that combined to make a sort of spiced, candied cherry note. That notes seemed to carry through on the finish, along with some of the oak that I was getting on the nose (but without the tannins) and a bit of peppery spice to finish it off.

Like I said above, this was on the spicier end of the spectrum, which I appreciated. However, there were rich, flavorful notes behind that spice that made this really bold but really enjoyable! I may have to give Polish rye another try!

Grade: B+

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