Thursday, March 7, 2024

Four Roses Single Barrel Binny's Private Selection Barrel Strength Kentucky Straight Bourbon - OESF


- $90
- 116.6 Proof
- 11 yrs, 2 mos
- Barrel No. 16-3 M
- Kentucky

Having been through all ten Four Roses recipes at this point, I'm not just picking up these store picks wherever and whenever I see them. The problems with that, though are (1) the price has really jumped -- $90 is a bit of a tough pill to swallow anymore; and (2) despite the increase in price, they're just not that easy to come across. 

But, I've still picked them up here and there, because, in my opinion, it's still some of the best bourbon hitting the shelves. Apparently, though, I've done so without any regard to which recipes I was getting. After my most recent purchase, I realized I was sitting on three different bottles of OESF!  It was at that point that I knew I had to open and drink at least one of them!

The nose came across as rich and spicy and sweet. I got a dark cherry right up front, followed by notes of rich toffee and dark chocolate. There was also a woodiness to it, but it wasn't an oak note. It was lighter, like more of a balsam wood note. In addition to the toffee, there was an added rich but dark sweetness like molasses.

Much like the nose, the flavor had a lot going on, but it certainly leaned towards those dark, rich and sweet notes. Right up front I got notes of anise or black licorice. Not enough to turn me off, but it was noticeable right away.  It also had a peppery spice that hit the tip of my tongue immediately with each sip.

The rich sweetness came through in the form of toffee and brown sugar. There was also the dark chocolate that I was getting from the nose. What kept this from being to 'heavy" was a tangy Amarena cherry note that seemed to come through right in the middle and seemed to perfectly complement everything else going on. 

The finish had many of the same notes--the toffee, the dark chocolate and even a bit of the cherry note. But, it also had a sort of roasty coffee note that seemingly came out of nowhere but was absolutely great! The peppery spice seemed to transform into more of a cinnamon spice that lingered as well.

I know I have two more OESF bottles waiting to be opened, and given how much I loved this one, I'm thinking it won't be long before that happens. This bottle was so rich and full of flavor and absolutely delicious, it even made me forget about the price increase on these bottles!

Grade: A

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