Friday, February 20, 2015

High West Son of Bourye Blended Whiskey

- $40
- 92 Proof
- Min. 5 Years

One thing I love about the hobby of enjoying whiskey is sharing and enjoying different whiskies with my whiskey-drinking friends. It also has it's fringe benefits as well. For instance, when a friend goes on a ski trip to Park City, UT, he comes back with a bottle of Son of Bourye from the High West Distillery!!

This whiskey is a blend of bourbon and rye (hence the jackelopes on the label), each aged for a minimum of five years. It weights in at 46% ABV.

On the nose, I immediately notice a strong vanilla and brown sugar smell. It reminded me of chocolate chip cookie dough (without the chocolate chips). It was a very enjoyable smell.

On my initial pour, I didn't think the whiskey was very strongly flavored. It went down smoothly and was very drinkable, but it was not very bold in any particular flavor.

It's minty up front, and overall very nutty. It was not very sweet, staying more on the savory side (which I found interesting as the flavor did not match the nose in this respect), and it had a slight smokiness to it. To me, this basically tasted like a young, high-rye bourbon.

However, after being open for about a week or so, I felt that it turned into a more traditional rye, though one on the sweeter end of the spectrum. While the spice came through more, the whiskey really sweetened up a lot. The flavor eventually matched the nose, almost to a tee! The whiskey took on a bold brown sugar and butter flavor that, although it still retained its young character, I simply could not get enough of.

Initially I was unimpressed, but eventually this bottle took on characteristics that made for an incredibly enjoyable pour that had me wanting more and more.

Grade: B

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