Monday, February 2, 2015

Smooth Ambler Old Scout 7 Year Straight Bourbon

West Virginia may not be known for its bourbon (perhaps better known for its moonshine), but Smooth Ambler has nonetheless made a name for itself among American Whiskeys as a consistently good producer. 
Having passed it over many a time to go the more traditional route of the Kentucky bourbon, I finally decided to give this bottle a try.
The first thing I noticed is the vivid reddish bronze color of the whiskey.  Certainly bourbons are a darker whiskey, but this had an auburn quality about it that had me intrigued.
The nose was notably fruity, with pronounced apples and almonds in the aroma.  I liken it to a fruitier almond liqueur smell.
On the tongue, though, the high rye content of the mashbill stood out.  It also had an up-front flavor of cooked cherries.  The finish had hints of mint with a spiciness at the back end to complement its mild sweetness on the front end. 
There was nothing eye-popping about this whiskey.  Nonetheless, I found myself really enjoying it, particularly the father down I got in the bottle.  The first pour came across as ordinary.  However, with each subsequent pour, the whiskey smoothed out considerably and took on a buttery flavor that was unexpected (and the nose smelled unmistakably like my wife's Shea butter lotion, as odd as that may be).
It's a very warming pour that I could really enjoy during the winter months, and I look forward to trying other products in the Smooth Ambler line.
Grade: B

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