Saturday, March 19, 2016

Wild Turkey Forgiven Blended Bourbon and Rye Straight Whiskies

- $40.00
- 91 Proof
- Batch No. 303

I've always been intrigued by Wild Turkey's forgiven, a blend of their bourbon and rye, packaged in a nice tin more typically associated with Scotches as though it were hiding something special within, something different.

The premise is simple, and not necessarily unique. Take a rye that people like, blend it with a bourbon people like, and sell a product that people will, most likely, also like. I went into this expecting something not to different from High West's Son of Bourye which I had the opportunity to try about a year ago.

This particular batch gave me pretty much exactly what I was looking for in such a product. The nose is softly spice, slightly masking the sweetness behind it. There was nothing particularly strong in the nose, but brown sugar and baking spices were prevalent.

On first sip, I knew it was very much what I would expect from a blend of rye and bourbon by a distiller whose rye and bourbon I happen to enjoy. It has a somewhat watery texture, and, despite being only 91 proof, seemed to have more burn that its proof would indicate.

That higher burn could be attributable to the very noticeable spice. With so many ryes I get a strong cinnamon spice. Not so with this one. This spice was more of the cayenne pepper kind, that blended curiously with a heavy vanilla flavor. All that was underscored by a woody flavor that made for a rather unique taste which I found I enjoyed.

While I don't believe this to be a very aged whiskey, the wood tones were prevalent from the start and seemed to become more so as I made my way through the bottle, somewhat overtaking the other flavors towards the end. Ultimately I enjoyed this bottle and was glad I tried it, but, while unique, didn't strike me as particularly special, but rather a good, enjoyable blended bourbon and rye that offered something a bit different.

Grade: B

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