Saturday, April 2, 2016

Michter's Limited Release Barrel Strength Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey

- $70
- 109.2 proof
- Barrel No. 15C285

I'll forever remember this bottle, as it was the purchase of this bottle that ignited my relationship with my local liquor store manager. This purchase is what prompted him to ask me about my whiskey preferences, and prompted me to tell him about this blog. Since that conversation, I've become a regular in his store, and the beneficiary of advance notice of rarer bottles he's getting in and even having some held back for me before hitting the shelves.

Sentimental value aside, I'll also remember this bottle for how good it is. Despite its high proof, it had a relatively soft nose, betraying no alcohol burn whatsoever, but rather offering a pleasant blend of vanilla with hints of cinnamon and coffee.

On first sip there was no getting past the burn, however, no denying it's a heater. It also had a ton of flavor to it, more than enough to work through that burn. In that first sip I was hit hard by a sweet almond and butterscotch. I was surprised because the taste did not really match the nose. I was also a bit taken aback because the flavor was simply different from other ryes I've had. Though it was unquestionably a rye, it had some familiar flavors of a single malt mixed in.

Shortly into the bottle the burn mellowed out significantly, and a different, but still tasty mix of orange and cinnamon came through, pushing the almond flavor to the back. It still maintained the somewhat buttery flavor to it, though.

This bottle was excellent, and though I waited a while to open it, once I did I worked my way to the bottom relatively quickly. The unique mix of flavors for a rye intrigued me, and the fact that they all went so well with the traditional brown sugar and cinnamon notes beckoned me. Even with the somewhat hefty price tag, I felt this was worth the money.

Grade: A-

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