Thursday, July 2, 2020

Larceny Barrel Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon - Batch No. A120

- $55
- 123.2 Proof
- Batch No. A120
- Kentucky

This is one of those releases that I was keeping an eye out for and actively asking for to make sure I got a bottle. I'm not necessarily a wheater-head. I like Maker's just fine, same with Weller. As for Larceny, I like it a lot for its price point, and whenever I find a private selection of Larceny, I pick up a bottle -- again, going back to the price. Larceny has proven time and time again to provide good flavor that doesn't hurt the wallet.

So, when a barrel strength version was announce, to be released periodically (I think three times a year like the Elijah Craig Barrel Strength), I wanted to make sure I got my hands on a bottle right away. The price is still really good, and if I like regular Larceny, I figured I'd be sure to like the barrel proof version.

Luckily, from my first pour, my assumptions were confirmed! The nose was very pungent, loaded with cinnamon, oak and even some honey. It really came across as sweet and woody. I also got a tangy, almond liqueur type flavor as well, along with some brown sugar, and it reminded me of a biscotti. Later on it seemed as though all I could notice was the brown sugar, as it really took over the nose. All in all, though, it smelled sweet and rich with a whole lot of depth.

As to flavor, this bourbon really had a sweet and spicy profile. As with the nose, brown sugar really took the forefront, giving it a rich tone. The thick, oily texture gave it a brown sugar and melted butter quality, kind of like chocolate chip cookie dough before you add the chocolate chips.

The light cinnamon spice was there as well, to add just a light amount of heat, as well as a bit of a tannic, oaky flavor to help offset the sweetness.  It also had an oatmeal flavor to it, which reminded me of oatmeal cookies, with brown sugar and molasses notes mixing in.

On later pours I got almost all brown sugar and molasses (much like the way I got all brown sugar on the nose after a while). It really dominated the oatmeal cookie note, making it seem a bit more like a molasses cookie at times. Despite that dark sugariness, the oak flavors also came through fairly well.  The finish was long and sweet, mixed with just the lightest cinnamon bite that had me wanting more and more.

I found I was a pretty big fan of this. While the notes seem a bit simplistic (brown sugar, wood, cinnamon, etc.), each of those flavors was rich and bold, and they were also well balanced such that it wasn't overly sweet or overly woody. It was rich and flavorful, and I just kept wanting more and more. It didn't take long to polish this bottle off once it was opened.

Grade: A-

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