Friday, May 28, 2021

Buffalo Trace Warehouse Liquors Single Barrel Select Kentucky Straight Bourbon

- $31
- 90 Proof
- Barrel No. 088
- Kentucky

I seriously just can't help myself when I find Buffalo Trace store picks. They're priced right and always delicious. And it's an even easier decision to grab one to bring home with me when I find it at Warehouse Liquors. I know I've said it multiple times in the past, but I have loved nearly every single barrel that their owner, Gene, has picked out. He's got a great palate, one that apparently closely aligns with mine.

I've also found that I'm having nights where I plan on having multiple pours, but yet I don't want to get banged up from drinking high proof, cask strength stuff, and Buffalo Trace certainly fills that need. Low proof nights are certainly not a bad thing, and it's nice to have something so flavorful to go to for such a night.

The nose gave off that traditional caramel note that I get from nearly every bottle of Buffalo Trace. It also had that light cinnamon note that I also tend to associate with Buffalo Trace products. However, this one also had an interesting earthy note, sort of leather-like, that made it a bit unique. It also had this sort of orange bitters aroma to it, kind of like sniffing an old fashioned, but without the cherry.

That orange note really carried through to the palate. I was actually taken back a bit by the prominent candied orange note that I got up front. I wasn't put off by it so much as I was surprised by it. It provided a bright, citrusy sweetness that was delicious. There was also an underlying richer sweetness, kind of like brown sugar, that seemed to temper the citrus notes a bit.

The bitter note was there as well, but it seemed to balance it out. This bourbon was sweet and bitter all at once, and each kept the other from taking it too far to one end of the spectrum. It also had the cinnamon spice that I got off the nose. It wasn't a biting spice or anything, but rather a rich cinnamon note that stuck at the back of the mouth.

On the finish that rich cinnamon note really stuck around, and it was accompanied by an equally rich dark chocolate note. It also left behind a more earthy note, but not leather like I got on the nose Rather it was more like a pecan note. 

As I'm typing this post out, I'm realizing that the flavors seemed to be all over the flavor wheel, from citrusy to sweet to bitter to rich to earthy. But, it was all very good together, and certainly made for an interesting and unique pour.  This was certainly one of the more flavorful bottles of Buffalo Trace I've had.

Grade: B+

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