Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Blue Run Single Barrel Cask Strength 13.5 Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon - Spring 2021

- $250
- 126.52 Proof
- 13.5 Years
- Barrel BB1-6
- Kentucky

Blue Run Spirits has certainly got a lot of attention since it started. Of course, having Jim Rutledge's name attached to any product is going to garner at least some positive hype, even before a single bottle has been opened.  However, at least from what I've seen, not only are people chasing down Blue Run bottles on the secondary market, but those that have opened there bottles have generally given positive reviews.

I had the chance to try their high rye bourbon that a friend so graciously shared, and I really enjoyed it. In fact, he opened it on our guys ski trip and the bottle didn't last the night. This particular bottle, though, hits a bit harder, a single barrel bourbon coming in at cask strength and aged for a solid 13.5 years! You can't really go wrong with that, save for the price. But, full disclosure, I didn't pay anywhere near full price for this bottle, which may or may not have impacted my review.

The nose on this one was absolutely delicious, like a rich dessert you'd get from a chocolatier.  I got a great combination of cherry, chocolate and cinnamon right away, followed by a rich amaretto liqueur note. It was very much like a cherry cordial, except more cherry forward. 

As to flavor, this certainly was on the sweeter side, but with a nice, spicy cinnamon backbone.  Up front there was a healthy amount of vanilla along with a sweet, creamy caramel note. It had a sort of dulce de leche flavor going on, which I absolutely loved.

There were also dark chocolate notes, along with some brown sugar sweetness, which reminded me at times of chocolate chip cookies. Of course, that cherry note from the note was there, but this was more of a brighter, freshly-picked cherry note, which went great with the dark chocolate.

This was certainly a more viscous bourbon, and it had an almost sticky mouthfeel to it. This was particularly so on the finish. Not only did I find myself smacking my lips after every sip, but those notes of cherry and vanilla seemed to just stick to the inside of my mouth, seemingly never wanting to leave.

This was an absolute banger of a bottle. Of course, the retail price is steep, and you're not likely to find it on the shelves any more in any event. But, the bourbon itself is absolutely fantastic, and it's worth trying a pour if you get a chance.

Grade: A

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