Monday, October 30, 2023

E.H. Taylor Binny's Single Barrel Select Barrel #008 Kentucky Straight Bourbon

- $70
- 100 Proof
- Barrel #008
- Kentucky

Obviously everyone seems to go nuts over Buffalo Trace products, whether that be Weller, Blanton's or E.H. Taylor. I've certainly seen my fair share of customers at my local Binny's willing to climb over people to get their hands on a regular E.H. Taylor Single Barrel.  And I have always been quick to point out to anyone asking (nobody's asking) that there are plenty of great bourbons sitting on the shelf, often at cheaper prices, that are just as good or better, so no need for the histrionics!

That said, when I was given the chance to buy one of their store picks last year, I couldn't help but say, "Yes, please!"  Even though it's not bottled at barrel strength, it's been my experience that every private pick of EHT I've tried has been fantastic (something I can't say about the other products in the Buffalo Trace private barrel program). So, while I wasn't willing to kill my mother for one, I was nonetheless grateful for the opportunity. 

The nose on this one was delicious, the kind of bourbon I want to make a candle out of. I got notes of vanilla and cinnamon spice, all layered over a rich and sweet dark toffee note. It also had a black pepper spice to counter any sweetness and tickle the nose a bit. It really was almost the ideal aroma if you were to ask me what a bourbon should smell like.

Much like the nose, when I took my first sip I was hit right up front with a healthy dose of vanilla. Surprisingly, though, that was accompanied by a great, sweet oak note, like a bourbon with decent age, but not too much age. It also had the sweet caramel notes, though not quite as rich as the toffee note I got on the nose, along with some delicious chocolate notes. 

It had something more to it, kind of a tangy, nutty quality. It was kind of like almond extract, but not as overpowering. It also reminded me at times of candied pecans. Either way, it was delicious and seemed to mix right in with the caramel, vanilla and chocolate notes to create this rich, sweet, dessert-like flavor that I couldn't get enough of. 

The finish seemed to really tie a bow on just how good this bourbon was. In addition to everything else, I was left with a rich cherry note that seemed to bring everything together into this cherry pie note that had me wishing with each sip that I had another bottle of this in reserve.

This was one of my favorite bourbons I've had in quite a while, and I don't feel like I've been drinking bad whiskey, so that's saying something! I milked this bottle for a while before finishing it, so it's not likely to be found sitting in any stores anywhere, but if you do get a chance, drink it!

Grade: A

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