Friday, November 8, 2019

Buffalo Trace Bruno's Liquors Single Barrel Select Kentucky Straight Bourbon

- $25
- 90 Proof
- Kentucky

Not too long ago while in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, on a recommendation I found in a bourbon Facebook group, I made my way to Bruno's Liquors. As I walked in the door, I was immediately met with a display of their private selections, a 1792 Full Proof, which I've previously reviewed here, and this Buffalo Trace. Although my wife was with me and I promised I'd grab just one bottle, I still managed to walk out with both.

I've said it before and I'll say it again -- whenever I see one of these Buffalo Trace private picks, I'm grabbing it. For the price, it's almost always very good whiskey.  I have yet to be disappointed, and there is zero risk of any buyer's remorse. These are an easy sell to me.

The nose was rich and flavorful. I immediately got notes of cinnamon and dark cherry, a great combination that resulted in sweet and rich notes. I also got a strong brown sugar note, that reminded me of chocolate chip cookies, but without the chocolate chips. Just brown sugar and butter. The nose on this was great!

The flavor was all traditional bourbon notes. A nice caramel and brown sugar flavor dominated the profile. This bourbon was definitely on the sweeter side, and while I tend to like my whiskey to be a bit spicier, this was nonetheless done really well, and for those who like those sweeter bourbons, I could see them loving this.

It also had this sugar cookie note, which I only mention due to the fact that I got the chocolate chip-less chocolate chip cookie note on the nose. The baked goods note is strong throughout, just with slightly different flavors from the nose to the palate.

Other flavors came through as well, most notably a cooked peach and cinnamon note, that fell somewhere in between sweet and savory. It was almost like a side dish that could also have served as a dessert.

Of course, having opened this bottle just before Halloween, I consumed a glass or two while at the same time raiding my kids' trick-or-treating hauls. I noticed that, after enjoying a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup or four, the chocolate peanut butter notes in my mouth, when mixed with this bourbon, gave it a strong but sweet anise note. I typically don't like anise, but this was more of a candied anise note that I really enjoyed.  As expected, this was a solid pour with great flavor, and I will be stopping at Bruno's each and every time I'm in Lake Geneva.

Grade: B+

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