Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Carl T. Huber's Malloy's Finest Wine & Spirits Private Select Cigar Batch Bourbon Finished in Brazilian Amburana Barrels


- $80
- 110.2
- 4 Years
- Barrel No. 22-2124-2
- Indiana

I've only had one of these Cigar Batches from Starlight before.  I had picked up a Binny's pick a while back when saw it on the shelf for the first time.  At first blush it seemed gimmicky -- just throw some bourbon into some other type of barrel and call it "Cigar Batch" so it sells.  After all, other brands had released "Cigar Batch" bourbons, and with some decent success.

However, the more I looked into it, the more intrigued I was as to what the Amburana barrels might add, and I was glad I did because I absolutely loved that bottle. So, when I got a chance to get another, one picked by a different store and a different palate, I jumped at the chance. While I don't necessarily have a specific recollection of previous bourbons I've tried, I certainly recalled that this was unique and interesting, and, of course, delicious!

The nose on this one immediately told me this would be no different. Right away I got rich notes of chocolate and hazelnut. There was a very distinct nutty quality to it, almost like a dry roasted peanut note. It had a spice to the nose as well, almost like a cardamom. It also had this sweet pipe tobacco note, which gives justice to naming this "Cigar Batch."

The flavor absolutely followed suit. It had significant pastry-like qualities, with a bready note as well as notes of vanilla, cinnamon and even a rich raisin note. The chocolate and hazelnut notes came through shortly after it hit my tongue as well and gave an almost creamy, rich and sweet quality to this.

Behind those rich, pastry and dessert-like notes were some welcome flavors that reminded me of an old fashioned. I certainly got a bit of orange peel, just enough bitterness to help temper all the sweet notes. There was a bit of a cooked cherry note as well, and underneath all of that was a healthy layer of brown sugar.

Aside from the tobacco note I got on the nose, I'm not sure what exactly makes this a "Cigar Batch." That said, I'm not a cigar smoker, and it's quite possible that this would pair excellently with a great cigar. What I do know, though, is that I once again found this to be unique, interesting, and absolutely delicious!

Grade: A 

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