Sunday, October 16, 2016

Four Roses Binny's Private Selection Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon OBSQ

- $60
- 116.8 Proof
- 9 Years, 2 Months

Each time I spot some private selections at the store, I make it a point to check my notes as to which ones I've tried so far. Binny's had three different selections on the shelf a few months back, and, even though I'd only had three up to that point, two of them were ones I've already tried. One was all I needed, though, so I grabbed the OBSQ without hesitation.

The one thing I've found I can count on with these private selections is that, while you do get differences in flavor and style, you consistently get a solid pour, and this was no exception.

The nose, while bearing the traditional caramel and brown sugar tones, really comes across as a vanilla bomb. It made my mouth water instantly, as I could tell that this was going to be rich and sweet.

True to its nose, this OBSQ was, indeed, rich and sweet. The vanilla carried through the nose and onto the palate, being the first and foremost flavor that I noticed. The rye spice in this recipe really comes into play as well (it's a 35% rye mashbill), providing a nice cinnamon spice at the back end of the smooth vanilla and brown sugar flavors.

The complexity of this bourbon really came through as I let the bottle sit a few weeks and then went back for more. It actually developed a light, crisp fruitiness to it.  It wasn't a citrus flavor, but rather almost pear-like, like pears baked in butter and brown sugar. This light fruitiness was balanced out by a cereal flavor akin to toasted Cheerios. All in all, these flavors all blended wonderfully together. Although I've never tried such a concoction, it's what I would imagine a baked pear pie would taste like.

As noted above, this was overall an incredibly solid pour, very drinkable despite its high proof and very complex, offering not only the delicious, traditional bourbon flavors but providing some unique touches of its own that really worked.

Grade: A-

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