Saturday, October 29, 2016

Michter's Small Batch US*1 Bourbon

- $45
- 91.4 Proof

How I've gone this long without trying Michter's Small Batch US*1 Bourbon is beyond me. I certainly have never purchased a bottle, and I can't remember ever having it at a bar (though that is certainly not conclusive of anything). I love their barrel strength rye, and I've never heard anything bad about their bourbon, so it was high time I tried it out for myself.

The nose comes across as very traditional. It's nothing complex but provides that vanilla and toffee one would expect from a typical, good-quality bourbon.

The palate is a little bit different from the traditional Kentucky Straight bourbons, however. The most prominent flavor I noticed was a distinct almond flavor, which was backed up by some brown sugar sweetness, almost like candied almonds. It was very enjoyable, and that nutty sweetness was followed up with a light spice on the back end that seemed to hit at just the right time.

As I enjoyed subsequent pours, I noticed hints of other flavors--a light woodiness, mild vanilla tones. However, this bourbon didn't really develop or transform much after being open for a couple weeks. It stayed true to its character, but that's alright considering I enjoyed it from the start.

This is an easy drinker, certainly one that will satisfy the bourbon drinker in your life. It is not very complex, but it is clear that it was made with the purpose of creating a solid, good bourbon, one that can certainly be enjoyed neat.

I would probably give this bourbon a higher grade if the price was a bit lower. There are more robust and complex bourbons available in the same price range, ones which certainly stand out much more in their boldness. That being said, though it may not be complex and rich, it bears all the characteristics of a quality bourbon, certainly making me want to try the rest of their line of products out.

Grade: B

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