Friday, August 21, 2020

Jim Beam Old Tub Bottled In Bond Kentucky Straight Bourbon

- $23
- 100 Proof
- NAS (Min. 4 years)
- Kentucky

I've known about the Jim Beam brand Old Tub for some time now, but only as a result of doing some research a few years back when I was planning my first trip to Kentucky. I was researching whiskeys that I could either only get in Kentucky or that were available in Kentucky but not in Illinois.  Old Tub was one that made that list, as it was only available at the stillhouse. Unfortunately, there was none to be found on the shelves when I got there.

So when Beam announced the release of Old Tub on wide distribution, I was actually pretty excited, even if it didn't come with any huge amount of love or hype over the distillery-only release. Then I heard the price and I knew I'd be getting one. It was nuts to me that there was a limited release bourbon coming out that was only going to be $23!  I guess, however, that it is consistent with other very affordable "limited" releases from Beam such as Distiller's Cut and Repeal Batch (both of which I was also a fan). And the best part of it was that when it did finally hit the shelves, it actually hit the shelves, meaning there was no asking for it from the back or finding it at jacked up prices. It was just literally sitting on the shelf waiting for me!

Upon opening the bottle and taking that first whiff, I immediately noticed a soft, nutty nose, kind of like cashew. I also got a soft grainy note, like oatmeal, but with honey added, or even a not-so-strong maple syrup.  There was a light cinnamon spice to it, and also a delicious vanilla scent that also reminded me of marshmallow a bit. The nose on this was really good while avoiding slapping me in the face with strong notes or a bunch of alcohol.

On the palate I first notice the texture. It came across as pretty watery and thin, particularly for its proof. However, the flavor seemed to go right in line with the nose. I first noticed the soft vanilla notes, again at times coming across as a marshmallow flavor. I also got a heavy dose of creamy caramel, like the kind of caramel you'd drizzle over ice cream. In this respect, the flavors worked really well together.

I also got hints of milk chocolate as well as a light, salty peanut note. Again, these are all flavors that have worked well together as long as man has known that each of these things are edible. Interestingly, though, about halfway through my bottle I made a note that over all this whiskey lacked in complexity and was "simple."  Looking back at that note, I'm fairly certain that what I meant by that is there was nothing that really stuck out or separated it from the pack.

This was a really good bourbon, and I thoroughly enjoyed the last few pours. In fact, I had quite a few in my last sitting with this bottle, as I just found myself pouring just a bit more, and then just a bit more. This is a classic bourbon with all the right sweet and dessert-like notes that you want to pull from a barrel. While it may have been "simple" to me, it was nonetheless very tasty, full of vanilla and caramel, and at an incredible price!

Grade: B+

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