Sunday, August 8, 2021

One Eight Distilling Untitled Binny's Private Barrel Selection 14 Year Straight Bourbon

- 140
- 117.7 Proof
- 14 Years
- Barrel No. 362

Untitled, the bourbon label coming out of One Eight Distilling in Washington D.C., seemed to come on as sort of a surprise to me. I had never heard of either the label or the distillery prior to about a year or so ago. But then I saw a couple of these squat bottles, specifically Release No. 11 and Release No. 13, with age statements, high proof and intriguing cask finishes. So I had to try one and lo and behold it was pretty good!

When I learned that Binny's was going to be getting a private barrel from them, I was immediately interested. When I learned that that private barrel was going to be a 14-year cask strength straight bourbon, I was completely sold. Quite frankly, having only seen the exotic blends of finished bourbon poured into these bottles up to this point, I wanted to know how an unfinished, well-aged cask strength bourbon under their label would taste.

The nose was interesting, for sure. It immediately came across as bright and sweet, with orange peel and vanilla right up front. It had a very caramel forward note providing the sweetness, but also a sort of sponge cake type of aroma to it, like that smell of freshly baked cake that fills the kitchen, which I absolutely loved.  It also had a bright cherry note as well. There was a lot going on here, but it smelled delicious, and I couldn't wait to dive into my glass.

The very first note that I wrote down when I took my first sip was "cherry cordial."  It hit on all elements of dark chocolate, cherry, vanilla and event that brandy liqueur note. I was immediately impressed. This was also the note that really dominated the finish. Long after each sip my mouth remained filled with those chocolate and candied cherry notes, and I found myself quickly reaching for the next sip.

It also had a certain amount of oak to it as well, to be expected, I guess, given the amount of time in the barrel. However, that note really just added a bit of an earthy element, and did not take away from the sweet, cherry cordial note. It didn't add any bitterness, just a bit of depth.

Other flavors came through from time to time as well as I made my way through this bottle. I did get notes of dried strawberries at times, adding a different, brighter element of sweet berry  I also got notes of cola, and at times I even got that light pastry note akin to the sponge cake I was getting on the nose. I even got the slightest mocha note, perhaps with the wood showing more influence in later pours and offering just a touch of bitterness.

All in all, this was a rich and delectable whiskey. It never got too sweet, always tempered by the dark chocolate and brandy liqueur notes that I was getting.  That cherry cordial note, which I loved, was prominent in every pour. I almost wanted to make my own dessert using this whiskey. Well, not really, but I enjoyed it that much!

Grade: A

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